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Meet the Staff of Log Cabin Motors Inc.

Wallace M Penland Jr - "The Dad"


Wally and his dad started the business in 1978. 60 hour weeks were the norm for him for over 20 years, as he attended auctions, sold vehicles, and did anything else that needed done. Now that his sons are working, he has been able to slow it down to a semi retired state of 45 hours a week. If he is not at the lot working, chances are that he is attending an auction or walking his bloodhound Bubba.

Michelle G Penland - "The Mom"


Michelle keeps a busy schedule keeping the lot up and running most days while shopping for supplies on her day off. She also keeps the temperature in the office a miserable 74 degrees. Repeated meetings have not been able to change this. Despite the jungle climate, her cheery demeanor is usually enough to keep her husband and boys happy anyways.

Tyler J. Penland - Salesman / Son

814-574-4686   penland21@hotmail.com

Tyler has been working at Log Cabin Motors for over 8 years now.