About Log Cabin Motors Inc.

"Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion."

-- Tony Hsieh


Log Cabin Motors Inc. is a family run establishment; we have been at 707 Pleasant View Blvd. in Bellefonte, PA for 38 years now, same location and same friendly faces. Wallace Penland, Sr. started the company in 1978 while still working at Cero Metal.  Wallace, Sr.  pulled long hours and sweated to make this business what it is today. We appreciate his dedicated service throughout the years. He retired recently and now Wallace Penland, Jr.  is running the company. Wallace, Jr. has been here from day one.


Every business can say how great they are and how many years they have been around. We are not that way.  If you want to know about us, ask the community that we are a part of. We have been a family and community oriented company and will stay that way. We are here to help our customers in any way possible. We are more than just a car dealership, we also do title and registration work for Pennsylvania DMV, autos, trailers, ATV’s, and boats. We have a lot of experience in this procedure and understand it can be complicated. We try to keep the process as simple as we can for you. We don’t only list our company number on our business cards, we have our cell phone numbers and personal home phone numbers listed. Along with Wallace Jr., Michelle and Tyler also work here.

        "Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense."

-- Winston Churchill


Throughout the years we have many memories with this community and appreciate every one that you have given us. We remember selling you your first car and every car after that. It is not just about selling cars for us but more of making friends out of our customers. We have a warranty with almost all of the vehicles we sell and we stand behind them, if you have a problem we have a problem.

       So anytime you are driving by feel free to stop by and visit us. If you are lucky you may catch Wallace Sr. in here as he likes to stop by and make sure the place hasn’t burned down yet without him here.  For everyone that asks us he is doing just fine enjoying retirement. He and Nancy like to travel and enjoy each other’s company.


“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
-Mark Twain


Back to the business we may not have a fancy building or slicked back hair, and we definitely don’t have any catchy slogans, even though Wally Penland is a great great guy, but we do have a personality and will never be a high pressure sales team/family. If you want the car that is great, if not what can we get one for you that would be your dream car, or your budget’s dream car! When it comes to finding you a car, we carefully do research to make sure it will be a worry free purchase. We are not here to just get you in a car and put you in debt. If you love the car you buy it makes it much easier to make your payment every month. Like we said previously we are not just a car dealer here to sell cars, we are here to give people a great low pressure experience and get you a car that suits your lifestyle.


If you took the time to read this we appreciate your time and hope it made you appreciate our little business a little more. Thank you very much and have a good day.


From the staff at Log Cabin Motors Inc.


You cannot be really first-rate at your work if your work is all you are.
~Anna Quindlen~

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