Log Cabin Motors has been specializing in outside paperwork for 35+ years. We offer Vehicle, ATV, Snowmobile, and Boat transfers. We have notaries available on site or traveling notaries available by appointment only. Notaries are available up to one hour before closing to do paperwork. Recently Log Cabin has become a proud sponsor of Snow Shoe Rails and Trails and can now register your ATV for use on their land.

Paperwork tips:

Always remember your Pennsylvania issued Drivers License or Identification Card.

If you are plating your vehicle always remember a valid insurance card.

Appointments are not needed, feel free to come in at anytime up till one hour before close.

Always feel free to call and ask questions.

We accept Checks or Cash. No Credit or Debit Cards accepted.

Car, Truck, SUV, ETC Titling & Registration:

You will need to have the title with you in order to transfer ownership; all parties listed on the title must be present in front of us unless the title is already notarized. Exceptions are deaths and Power of Attorney's call for details on special circumstances if you are not sure, special documentation for this may be necessary. Prices vary greatly on title transfers for an exact price feel free to call and receive a quote. If there is a lien on the vehicle the bank will need to be contacted, call for details. As you can tell the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a great deal of information and it can be a complex experience we try to simplify this experience for you and make it as simple as possible. We encourage anyone to call and ask questions so we can try to help you as much as we possibly can. Another good resource of information is the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website: www.dmv.pa.gov
We also offer instant registration renewals.

ATV Titling & Registration:

ATV transfers are generally just about the same as Cars, Trucks, and SUV's. The main difference is that you are NOT needed to present insurance documentation at time of transfer. Unless you would like to be a member of Snow Shoe Rails and Trails; which we proudly sponsor and support. ATV's that have been issued a title must have the title to do a transfer of ownership. If a title has never been issued for that machine proof of ownership can be any of the following MSO, invoice, or Bill of Sale. For questions pertaining to ATV transfers feel free to give us a call. Another good source of information is DCNR's website:
Additional Website: Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Assoc.

Boat Titling & Registration:

Boat Transfer are right along the same lines as ATV’s and Cars. Some boats have titles and some do not, before January 1, 1993 titles were not issued for boats. Some do have titles if it has been transferred after January 1, 1993 if the new owner wanted to have a title for their water craft. Boat titles are required to be notarized so rule of thumb anyone on the title should be here for the transfer unless the title has already been notarized properly. If you have any questions feel free to call. Another valuable source of information is PA Fish and Boats website:
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